About Us

About Us


Our Awesome Story

Our team takes over everything, from an idea and concept development to realization and final production. We can give the advantage to your artistic endeavors or if you’re a client, we can give you advantage to your business.

From the pre-production to copy zero you can give life to your imagination. If you are a businessman you can trust your promotional web content to us – image or video – from the idea to the production of your promotional image or video, to the complete coordination & representation of your business to the social media world.

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Our Skills

Our team takes over everything, from an idea and concept development to realization. We believe that clients and artists are the soul of the projects. We film, we create, we produce. In addition we believe in traditional productions mixed with fresh ideas and full creative energy. If you an artist let’s discuss your endeavors. If you are a client, our main goal is to illustrate your values and individuality through film and video production.


Film/TV Productions


Stage Productions


Web Content




The Team

Emmanuel G. Mavros

Film/TV Director, Producer, Writer

Rena Santamouris

Production Designer – Art Director

Panos Besis

Director of Photography – Steadicam Operator




Our Timeline

We are new but powerful. Medea Pictures created by our love for the magical world of  filming, performance and video! Our goals are:

  1. To bring stories on the film set and stage with alternative view, on time, in time and under budget.
  2. To help all businesses get their own video to promote their products through a friendly learning and training process on what video is, how they can use it properly, what its capabilities are and how it can advertise them appropriately in the digital world!

We are here to ensure that you have the time to run your imagination!


Passage of New Era

We started a new year of projects. On set and on the stage our philosophy is: “We love to create”. Stay tuned or contac us for alternative visions to your thoughts.


Complete the project “7Arts Channel”

Medea Pictures from July 2019 create and design the air – promotion of 7Arts channel and produced all the video contents. Seven Arts (7Arts), is a channel where all the people can learn in a simple way everything about arts and not only… Love, pride, smile, knowledge, passion, anything for your eyes only!
Original videos producing by Medea Pictures with quick messages, creative contents and actions, music, theater, history and comedies, under the light of SEVEN.


Complete the project “Sonata” short film

The members of a family have been trapped in a house that haunts their minds. Based upon the poem “Moonlight Sonata” written by Yiannis Ritsos, Medea Pictures presents Theoni Kontrafouri’s depute short film “Sonata”, written by Theoni Kontrafouri and directed by Theoni Kontrafouri and Emmanuel G. Mavros.


The Woman in White is reminiscing as she wanders in a lifeless home. Wife, mother, housekeeper, poet, female, mortal human… All these parts of herself no longer seem to exist but her presence still seems to be everywhere. She is inside the photos that keep the Man still, silent and indifferent in front of the TV screen. Close to her baby who needs her care and caress. Inside the reflection in the mirror when the Girl in Black looks at herself as she is struggling to figure out how to leave a home she can no longer bear. “Let me come with you…” they both ask, as a demand and a plea. And maybe, until the moon is gone from the night sky, perhaps they will have found the way that leads each of them from the darkness to light…

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