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There are dozens, if not hundreds, of screenplay contests, pitch fests, and different ways to break into the industry or hone your screenwriting craft. But recently, a new tool has popped up for screenwriters in Greece: script consultation.

And what is a script consultant? That’s an excellent question. Script consultants are usually people who work in the film and television industry particularly in Europe and US, who you pay for notes and feedback. These are people who can help you get your script to the next level.

In Greece we have problem and Medea Pictures is here to solve it to consults aspiring screenwriters for their scripts and build “one language” for the feature scripts and projects.

Now if you have ready for your script and you want the next step we are here to consulting you with this step. We’re here to helping you and show you how to structure your project to get it ready for film finance from grants and investment companies nationally and abroad. First you need to decide if your idea is a viable project. Remember making a film is a business, you need to be able to get more income from your film than what you are going to spend on it in money and time.




Our mission is to foster the careers of emerging writers and filmmakers by providing inspiration and insight into the craft of screenwriting and the business of film, television and theater industry, and by connecting emerging talent with working industry professionals.

Medea Pictures consultation package include:

  • First 10 Pages consultation
  • Full script Feedback
  • Story Notes
  • One Month Development


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A great screenplay deserves a great reader.




If you want to know how to Fund Your Film we are here to consulting you:

  • Start Development with a Film Proposal
  • Package your Film as a Business
  • Film Marketing Plan


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A good idea deserves great presentation to be sold.