Medea Non Profit Organization

Medea Non Profit Organization

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Non Profit Organization for Arts and Crafts

Medea Pictures is a non-profit organization, created to cover the obvious need for domestic art production, for the promotion of noteworthy theatrical and film projects of upcoming artists by people who have the talent and appetite for creation, but lack the necessary communication and practical tools to support their work. Its purpose is to support and promote classical and contemporary Greek theatrical production and quality cinematic works with main targets the innovation, experimentation, and creativity.

In particular, MEDEA nonprofit organization’s activities of are:

The production of feature fiction and documentary films and the production of theatrical events and performances for non-profit purposes, with social, historical and cultural themes, ensuring the freedom of expression and pluralism as per the constitutional requirements and to promote quality films and theater works as an expression of modern civilization.

The emergence, development and promotion of film art and film potential in Greece and abroad.

Responsibility, initiative and diligence of the creation of an international film festival, with 60% of the total projected films to be Greek, the awarding of these films and the establishment of regulation rules for participation and award process of these films in the festival. The organization of the festival will have a decentralized character, meaning that the conduction of this festival will be organized to take place at a Greek city besides Athens, thus contributing to cultural tourism and decentralization.

The training and education of professionals (Greek and foreign) in the film and theatre industry.

The development, cultivation, promotion and dissemination of theater art.

Attracting all those who are interested in theater and art in general.

The non-profit stage productions for the emergence, development and promotion of theatrical art in Greece and abroad. For this purpose, a theatre team called “Medea Theatre Group” is established. 

Cooperation with other nonprofit organizations, associations, institutions, groups or individuals with similar objectives.

Organizing screenings, cultural events, conferences, meetings and exhibitions related to film and theater art in Greece and abroad and participation in similar events in Greece and abroad and cooperation to implement these with public and private entities, national and/or foreign, European or international.




Donation to MEDEA non profit organization supports our work directly. Monetary and in-kind donations (such us books and costumes), contribute to our efforts to produce theatre plays, create cultural events of performing arts, produce documentaries, among numerous other projects.

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