Experimental Film An American Prayer

Experimental Film An American Prayer

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“An American Prayer”

An Experimental film by Emmanuel G. Mavros

Music & Sound Design by Dimitris Evagelinos
Sound Mixed at EarthView Studios
Produced by Medea Pictures

For cultural purposes only, not commercial or selling value

Jim Morrison was one of the most controversial forms of poetry, but wrote great poetry for those who really wanted to approach the freedom of spirit! A work of many years is coming to an end, posting the first of the poetic collections (Morrison’s self-published) in 1970 tranlated and analysed in Greek language.

Poetry was born to be free, to spread freely or to sell as much as to cover the printing costs of a publishing collection. Nowadays, as technological media flourish, poetry must follow this path of freedom, supporting the reason it was born.

If Morrison lived (and can live), he would support exactly the same. After all, his actions proved that. His poetry was financed and distributed by himself.

Poe said that poetry is not a goal, it is a passion. At the beginning of the poetic collection “In Search of Arethusa”, the signer states: “Poetry has no place in scientific dissertations but in personal disasters. It makes no logical sense, but emotional experience. By no logic can a feeling arise, but contrary to the emotion the logic itself arises. And the emotion is being educated. It is socialized. Poetry is not about ‘objective activities’, but from reading it comes individual, subjective thoughts.’

Poetry has existed, exists, and will continue to be free, to be freely channeled and to create personal crushes, sharing thoughts of a better world – more emotional and spiritual than reasonable. This logic and abandonment, in fact, gave birth to the outbursts of fascism and the subsequent fascist neoliberalism.

The collection “An American Prayer” contains not only the above findings, but also the timeless anchors of society, which relate to established regimes that wear the cloak of democracy. Our country is one such example, socially and politically.