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So you finished your screenplay. You know it has some holes, but you can’t see the forest for the trees, and it’s like pulling teeth to get some honest, objective feedback that not only identifies your script’s strengths and weaknesses, but also provides helpful direction on how to tighten and clarify your story. Watch out fees in script consultation services.


Need feedback on your first 10 pages?
This is our most popular service!

The first 10 pages of a script determine if a producer finishes reading, or tosses it aside.

Find if your story works in the first 10 pages of reading. Submit your first 10 pages below, and we’ll deliver feedback within 5 days.
Another most popular service! Take a full feedback for your script.

Two (2) pages of notes on your script from a professional script reader, hand-picked for your feature screenplay or TV pilot script.

We’ll deliver feedback within 15 days.
Receive six (6) pages of in-depth story notes on a single screenplay (TV or film) from one of our best hand-picked professional Hollywood script readers.

Notes delivered within 15 days.
Receive 10 pages of in-depth development notes on a single screenplay (TV or film) from Emmanuel G. Mavros.

Notes delivered within 15 days.

In addition you receive a follow-up read and notes on the new draft written by you (within 30 days)

One 1- hour phone call to discuss your project, its market potential, and the writer’s career strategy
(within 30 days)

When you choose our services you invest for more culture activities. LEARN MORE…