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Stage Productions

We have the knowledge, connections and dedication to bring an exceptional and practical approach to every production, and we are always interested in forming new relationships and hearing about projects that can benefit from our expertise.

We understand that every production is different – for us but our passion for theater we provide the highest-quality, hands on and personable care to any play classical or modern.




Theater is love, and love is life. The actor/actress is like a friend, like a child, and you cannot love him/her. Do not fall in love – and there will be no life. Then love them as your child. An ingenious director without an actor/actress like as an artist without a brush, as a musician without an instrument.

Medea Theatre Group created in 2020 by Emmanuel G. Mavros with one denominator of his love for theater and he need to balance between two worlds: The one of rational logic and conventions and the incomprehensible one of imagination and dream, through classical works from international plays and monologues.